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School District Handbook

Attendance Policy Summary

  • Absences 1 through 9 are considered “excused” when the student’s parent/guardian calls  or submits appropriate documentation, such as a written note, to the school.
  • Students are allowed 2 Mental Health days per school year; mental health days are to  be taken non-consecutively.
  • Absences 10 through 20 require official documentation, such as a note from a licensed  medical professional.
  • There is a  20 ABSENCE LIMIT for any student enrolled in the Waterbury School System in  grades K – 12. Absences in excess of that limit will result in retention.
  • All make-up work will be completed within five days after the student returns to school.
  • Students must be present in school for at least half of the regular school day in order  to receive attendance credit for the day
  • Documentation must be submitted within 10 school days.

If you have any questions please contact the attendance counselor Leah Pask